Submit Event or Post

An event shows on the Events calendar and is usually related to a specific event at a certain date and time. A post will show up on the home page under the section called Recent news. To submit a post without an event, use “Submit Post”. To submit an event, use “Submit Event”

Step 1 – Submit Event

Create the event first so you include the link to the event in your post. Click the button below to create an event, or view detailed directions below.

Detailed instructions

Click the plus below to open the detailed instructions on how to submit an event and link it into a recent news post. 

1. Add General Event Information

Add basic event details

Go to the submit event page and complete the event form as shown below.



2. Add registration for an event (optional)

Add registration

Check the box to enable registration if you want registration.



3. Link event in "Latest News Blog Post (Recommended)

Link event in Latest News Post


After you submit, go to the main events page.





4. Add a Latest News Post

Create a new Post

Go to the Submit Post page and create a new “recent news post” and do not forget to include the url (web address) that you just copied into the details.

Step 2 – Submit Post

If doing a post about an event, create the event first. Click below to submit a recent news post.